MARCUS MILLER JAPAN TOUR 2015 at Sankei Hall Breeze
Bassist Marcus Miller, a UNESCO Artist for Peace and one of the headlining musicians at International Jazz Day in Osaka 2014, brought his working band to Osaka in February on the first leg of a world tour promoting his latest album AFRODEEZIA. The album is itself a product of Miller’s activities for UNESCO to make more people aware of slavery related issues.

A musical journey to countries in white traders captured African men and women and the routes they traveled before arriving in their displaced, new homes, AFORDEEZIA incorporates rhythms and musical instruments from West African, Caribbean and South American countries along with appearances by musicians based in New Orleans – the birthplace of jazz.

Miller and his core band composed of young, upcoming musicians trumpeter Lee Hogans, saxophonist Alex Han, pianist Brett Williams, guitarist Adam Agati and drummer Louis Cato performed compositions from the just released album followed by a few of his signature tunes. The band flaunted the chemistry between each member as well as their own prowess when they took turns soloing.

See a portion of this performance and an interview with Marcus Miller in Volume 3 of this web site’s main contents.

Set List
1. Run For Cover
2. Hylift
3. B’s River
4. Papa Was a Rolling Stone
5. Detroit
6. Goree
7. Come Together
8. We Were There
マーカス・ミラー Afrodeezia ワールドツアー大阪公演
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