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A brief introduction to the JazzOSAKA official web site

JazzOSAKA 紹介(日本語版)

About JazzOSAKA
The birthplace of jazz in Japan, Osaka is a vibrant city. JazzOSAKA is a project conceived by the Osaka Tourism Bureau in the wake of International Jazz Day Osaka 2014 to promote Osaka and its lively jazz scene to the rest of the world.

JazzOSAKA will widely showcase Osaka, a city where jazz can be enjoyed year round, report on and feature jazz happenings in and around Osaka, highlight the people and bands in Osaka who contribute to its continued cultural growth and recommend upcoming festivals, concerts and CDs. It will also contain links to jazz clubs in central Osaka that offer live jazz nightly.

In the near future, JazzOSAKA hopes to support and promote concerts and other jazz related events to make more people both in and out of Japan aware of jazz in Osaka and make jazz more accessible to everyone. We also hope to support local music events on International Jazz Day (April 30) in future years.
日本ジャズの発祥の地である大阪は活気あふれる街。2014年に開催されたインターナショナル・ジャズ・ディの理念を将来に継続させるため、JazzOSAKA は、大阪で賑わうジャズの情報を世界中に発信するため、大阪観光局によって設立された。


Producer, JazzOSAKA
A New York native, Christopher Knott has been exposed to jazz from when he was gestating inside his mother’s womb. He was raised listening to jazz at home by a father who not only played it as an amateur, but who had many jazz greats as personal friends due to his work in the television industry. Not only did people the likes of Stan Getz and Miles Davis producer Teo Macero visit his home, as a child and teenager he went to many jazz festivals, concerts and club dates at which musicians such as Stan Getz, Roland Kirk, Phil Woods, Oscar Peterson, Sarah Vaughan, Chick Corea, Larry Coryell and Pat Metheny performed.

After majoring in fine arts photography at Rochester Institute of Technology, he relocated to Japan due his cultural roots. His mother is Japanese, and he visited her hometown of Kyoto three times as a child. Although technically separated from jazz for almost a decade while teaching English and running a chain of English language schools, he was given the chance to work in radio. One of the original disc jockeys at FM COCOLO when the Osaka-based multilingual station first went on air in October 1996, he has since lent his voice and musical knowledge to a variety of programs from a weekly jazz show to daily news shows and public service and emergency announcements. He has also had programs on FM Kyoto, FM Osaka and KBS Kyoto and hosted a late-night concert and theater information program on Yomiuri TV.

Totally fluent in both spoken and written Japanese and, of course, his native English, Chris resides with his family in Kyoto Prefecture. He currently has two programs on FM COCOLO (76.5MHz). One of them, World Jazz Warehouse, a two-hour program specializing in jazz, is broadcast every Sunday night from 10:00. In addition to being director of JazzOSAKA, he also produces and emcees jazz festivals, concerts and performances at jazz clubs and venues such as restaurants that don’t usually have live music. In addition, he works as a narrator and translator and is the owner of WordLINK, a firm that handles narration and translation work in English and other languages.

ロチェスター工科大学写真化学科芸術写真学部を卒業した後、先祖のルーツをもつ日本へ移住した。実は母親は日本人で、小さい頃、母の故郷である京都を3回も訪ねた。語学学校の経営者を務めながら、ジャズと離れた10年間ののち、ラジオのDJになる機会が与えられた。多言語放送局として1996年10月に大阪で設立された FM COCOLO の開局メンバーとなり、その後毎週放送されているジャズの専門番組から毎日のニュース番組、自治体提供の情報番組や緊急放送まで、幅広い番組を担当している。また、FM京都、FM大阪やKBS京都にも出演し、読売テレビの深夜イベント情報番組のホスト役も務めた。

英語と日本語の読み書きが堪能のクリスは現在、京都府に家族と暮らしている。現在、FM COCOLO (76.5MHz) で番組2本を担当。その中の一つは、毎週日曜日の22時から24時まで放送されているジャズの専門番組ワールド・ジャズ・ウエアハウス。JazzOsaka のディレクターを務める他に、ジャズのフェスティバル、コンサート、ジャズクラブや普段生演奏のないレストランなどでのジャズをプロデュースし、自ら司会も務める。また、翻訳とナレーションも行い、英語を含む外国語の翻訳とナレーションを扱う事業「ワードリンク」の代表者でもある。

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Web Administrator: Y’s Project, Co. Ltd.
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